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My Expertise

Did you know almost half of all companies are missing out on a golden opportunity? Achieving success in today's digital world requires an effective content marketing plan. With my expertise to help guide your efforts, I can make sure every stage of the funnel is targeted with quality and depth for optimal results- so those valuable leads don't slip away!

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Content Marketing

I create quality content to captivate leads and convert customers. Crafting your funnel with thoughtful attention at every stage helps you target the correct keywords, answer searchers' questions, and boost those rankings - so why not make it creative? Whether through blogs or videos don't let them forget about your product; keep engagement alive.


If you have the most exquisite website around, it won't matter if your search engine rankings are in the basement. That's where my writing strategies come into play - crafting top-notch content that meets people right at their questions and curating link building campaigns to bring visitors flocking back for more. 

With quality content and link building campaigns, guest posting initiatives, press Releases for public relations opportunities, and influencer marketing strategies – your visibility is boosted in no time!

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Landing Pages

Landing pages can be the key to unlocking success for your business. Whether you're running a PPC campaign, offering an irresistible lead magnet or aiming at specific people - I create landing pages that will help capture leads and drive sales with precision-targeted content tailored around your user personas. Plus when teamed up with UXI or web designer champions, landing pages become topnotch tools of persuasion.

Email Marketing

Make sure you stay connected with your customers and website visitors! Email marketing can be an easy, cost-effective way to strengthen relationships. Keeping folks engaged has a huge payoff: spending five times less on current client retention than acquiring new ones means more rapid ROI growth for everyone involved. Let me help make it happen!

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Why is Content Marketing Important? 

Content marketing is the spark that lights up your brand like a flame. Quality content helps build trust, sets you apart from competitors and even amplifies other types of campaigns with nothing more than an extra pinch of creativity! Investing in solid content creation can result in higher website conversions rates - proof if any were needed to show just how powerful good writing can be.

Safe to say that my knowledge of marketing goes beyond these 4 areas. But content marketing is the core to all my marketing plans, directly affecting paid campaigns, social media, video marketing, search engine marketing and any other marketing tactic you can think of.

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