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Content is powerful. 

It has the ability to disrupt your prospects, stop them in their tracks and make them listen. Everyone talks about getting people to BUY. But the relationship starts with that initial "hello"

So Hello, I'm Katherin!

I'm a digital marketer and business developer with great passion for real & raw conversations. When it comes to Marketing, emotion and strategy is what I'm all about. 

That’s what it takes to form a strong bond between your prospects and your business.

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My Real Passion is...

Advocating for women's health. I love writing and researching about female health companies; it's such an important topic that often doesn't get the attention it deserves. When it comes to the spread of information regarding female health, It's not just our right—it's our responsibility.

If you want to work with me, feel free to reach out! 

Leading all Digital Marketing Efforts

My experience includes 10 years in Digital Marketing, Content writing and Advertisement. 

In that time ive had the opportunity to built and manage full marketing teams for small and medium size companies. This includes creation and growth of websites, paid campaigns, social media following, email campaigns, blogs, SEO ranking, and sales funnels. 


I'm values-driven

Work cultures that genuinely reward collaboration and facilitate work-life balance will always find success.

My leadership skills are based on aligning the teams personal values with the organisations, therefore creating a unified and motivated workforce.

With a diverse background it has helped me excel in different areas of communications and marketing for early stage startups as well as multinational corporations. I'm particularly excited about creating content, growing brands and starting conversations that inspire. I flourish in multicultural environments and diverse teams.

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